When you’re a cat lady, and he’s a dog lover

Wallis May Streete
4 min readAug 2, 2020
Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash

There is no doubt that our pets give us immense happiness. They are tremendously sweet, genuine and filled with unconditional love. It doesn’t matter whether we’ve had a bad day or week; they always know how to pull at our heartstrings and turn gloomy days into rainbows. Some of us live with our pets for years, and they become an essential part of our life. We feel that they accept us without judgment, allowing us to be ourselves without the need to compete or impress. Stress levels and anxiety improve in their company as they give us joy, positivity and a reason to love when we are alone. This creates an unbreakable bond and deepest mutual affection. When we’re happy they are happy with us, and when we’re sad they help us through it. It’s incredible how much joy they bring and how little they ask for in return. A pet will never care about your imperfections, only for the affection that is in your heart.

Dogs are the loveliest creatures on earth. They are loyal, smart, funny, and an ideal candidate for best friend material. They greet us with amazing energy when we arrive home, and never want us to leave when we part. Taking them for walks is a must and beneficial to both the dog and owner, as it creates an opportunity to socialise and make new friends. When you’re feeling down, they will sense your melancholy and stay by your side, comforting you with playful engagement and irresistible snuggles. Dogs don’t have a big ego; they will always put you first and understand your worries and needs with their subtle non-verbal cues. They will always be your number one fan and loyal sidekick. A dog will never hold a grudge, even when you think you’ve let them down. Every day will be like a brand new adventure, and you will begin to see life through their eyes, where cheerfulness and enjoyment are at the forefront of everything. Life isn’t easy a lot of the time, and having a furry companion can make such a difference in the way you view the world.

Cats, on the other hand, are just as adorable but very different. They are one of the cutest furry animals you will find, and also make for great life long companions. They are natural predators, despite being domesticated, which is a thumbs up when it comes to pest control. Cats are always alert; even when asleep. They can hear and smell things from afar, a fascinating fact that allows them to snoop and sniff at any given moment. Their beauty enhances any selfie; there is nothing lovelier than seeing people getting camera-ready with their feline friends.

In a world with limited space, cats are ideal since they are quiet animals that can live in apartments and still enjoy a pleasant life. They are also easier on the pocket when it comes to food, toys and trips to the groomer, and are way more independent than dogs. When you’re feeling in the mood to play a cat is at the ready. The energy in abundance and cuteness overload will make for a fantastic playdate with their fluffy toys and cheeky disposition.

If you need to leave for a few days, cats are okay with it. All they need is food, shelter, and a sitter that can foresee their routine. Most of the time, they sleep, and when it comes to looking their best, they groom themselves. Their purring is the best sound in the world, and can also keep you healthy since it is known to reduce stress and keep your blood pressure low. They can live an average of 15 years, which is enough time to ensure a beautiful and meaningful friendship.

When it comes to dating and relationships, you must come to a mutual agreement about the cat/dog situation, or you run the risk of having the absence of furry bliss in your lives. I know it isn’t a natural choice to make when your man is a dog lover and you’re a cat lady, but compromise is a must when keeping your partner happy. If you have been together for years and living in a tiny apartment with your feline baby, then you may be ready to expand your options and transition into a bigger space. It would mean that a dog could be a definite possibility, and the two of you would be open at the prospect of having both animals around. She can learn to cherish long walks with your dog, and you can enjoy unwinding moments with her cat. There is enough love to go around and bring all of you together under canine loyalty and purry loveliness. In the end, relationships come down to commitment, passion and compromise. If you are willing to embrace each other’s choices, then you can have it all. Plus, who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? Not me.



Wallis May Streete

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