This Pain Never Sleeps

Photograph by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

This pain never sleeps,

It commands my thoughts,

And betrays the best of me,

Changing my moods,

And willowing in silence,

Like a frail, defeated battle,

Hallowing in the emptiness,

Lost and afraid.

The curtain of life is drawn,

The sun is not smiling at dawn,

The faces of those I love,

Fall into the great unknown,

And their words disend

Into nothingness,

Escaping my control.

This pain only dreams of me,

It enters my world of uncertainty,

And destroys the dreams I seek,

Bathing with insecurities,

Every thought and feeling,

Of a life, I long to live.

This pain does not halter,

It does not belong to me,

Yet it is sketched on my bones,

Fragile and governed by sorrow,

It owns every part of my living,

And refuses to let me go.



Wallis May Streete

Mother of three. Freelance writer. Poet. Lyricist. Dreamer. “We are lost souls trying to find the light, and when we do, we dance with shadows.”