The First Time I Saw Your Face

Wallis May Streete
4 min readApr 20, 2021


Becoming a Mum.

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Becoming a mum is the most incredible feeling in the world. You carry life inside of you for nine whole months, and after that time, you experience the happiest moment you'll ever know. It is a moment where your world changes in a matter of hours, and you become a parent, someone that holds all responsibility for someone else's life. It is both terrifying and exhilarating, but overall it takes you to a place in your heart that you had never been before. One that fills your soul with love and hope, where your child becomes the centre of your world.

The journey to motherhood is challenging. Your body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, and the overwhelming feeling of body and mind can sometimes become exhausting. Your hormones go wild, your anxiety increases and the relationship with the world around you changes. From the moment you know you're pregnant, you become aware of every little thing. Your primary goals are to care for your baby and give it the best nourishment to grow inside your body. Food is now your best friend when it comes to nutrients, and feeling your best despite all the morning sickness and dizzy spells becomes a priority.

The more you think about this miracle of life growing inside of you, the more you embrace your bodies ability to carry and care for your child. Self-admiration and respect occupy your mind with positive thoughts, and you are now close to the end of your first trimester.

The first scan of your baby is fascinating. You get to see your child in its natural environment, with tiny hands and feet swirling around your amniotic fluid. It is heartwarming and incredibly humbling. You feel so grateful to have gotten to the first milestone of your baby's growth.

The second trimester is the easiest, as your body is more used to the changes. You go out and socialise more and begin to buy little clothes for your newborn. Soon you will be able to feel your baby moving, and that first time is unforgettable. There is a sense of real connection between you and your child, and it will only grow deeper over time. Love embraces your world, and your baby means everything to you. As a mother, you begin to realise the impact you will have on someone else's life and want to bring out the best of who you are.

The third trimester arrives quickly, and all of a sudden, you are preparing a hospital bag ready to bring along with you when the moment comes. Nothing can prepare you for the pain of labour. You hear horror stories from other mothers that have gone before you and become scared of the process. I became very paranoid about other peoples stories. I found that the best thing is to block out the negatives in your head and think positive. Everyone is different, and no outcome will be the same.

After 16 hours of labour, I finally gave birth to my baby boy. The first time I saw his face was the best moment of my life. Words cannot describe the joy and fulfilment I was experiencing. He had the most beautiful eyes and soft little hands. One look, and I would melt in his arms. I immediately felt connected to my child. I know that some mothers don't have that connection straight away, and that's normal too. It's all about taking your time and focusing on your journey.

What I experienced the first time I saw my baby's face was a feeling of belonging and responsibility. I felt that he was my home and haven. My baby was my world and the reason for true happiness. His precious little body was mine to keep, hold, and care for the rest of my life. I was so grateful to have him and so proud to be his mum. There are no words to describe how you feel when you become a mother for the first time, but something inside of you changes forever. There is no limit to your unconditional love, and all that you are and want to become has one thing in mind. The well being and happiness of your child. Nothing compares or comes close to the love between the two of you. The dedication and affection are beyond bounds.

You are now a mother, and it is the most significant role you will play. You will find profound love in your heart and utter joy. Be proud of yourself. You are beautiful and irreplaceable.



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