In The Name Of Love

Wallis May Streete
1 min readSep 27, 2022
Photo by David Vasquez on Unsplash

In the name of love

You twisted my words

And haunted my dreams,

With false intentions and lies,

You manipulated my being

And extinguished my shine.

In the name of love,

The sky was painted with hope,

It tried to be all that it was not,

Frail and doubtful,

This superficial arrangement,

Failed to see its own humanity,

It confused happiness,

And lived with regret,

Love could no longer be held,

In the arms of truth,

Nor by the gates of hell.

In the name of love,

My heart was abused,

Tainted by your demons,

Scattered in the deep corners

Of my aching thoughts,

Where only pain can settle,

And tears reign sunder.

In the name of love,

You destroyed my world,

And tarnished my soul with intention,

Without remorse, you took from me

All that I was and would become,


This shadow of a man is me,

Dressed in a suit of woe,

Walking beneath the crying moon,

Witnessing the death of stars.

In the name of love,

Nothing was left,

Somebody took away my life,

And stripped it from joy,

And for what?

A dream that never came true.



Wallis May Streete

Mother of three. Freelance writer. Poet. Lyricist. Dreamer. “We are lost souls trying to find the light, and when we do, we dance with shadows.”