Do Not Postpone Happiness

Wallis May Streete
1 min readAug 3, 2022

When the pain seems endless,

And the fire in your vulnerable heart

Is weak,

When the days are long,

And the darkness never surrenders,

When you feel like all is lost,

And joy becomes a distant memory,

Do not postpone happiness,

Do not embrace your tears forever,

Or forget how love feels,

Life is the sum of moments,

Waiting to be revealed.

Find beauty in the broken pieces,

That still want to be,

Arrange them differently,

And make them whole again,

Live for the simple things,

That makes each moment great,

Caress each one with hope,

Become strong

In the face of adversity.

Dance with sadness,

Until you find a smile,

And when you do,

Hold onto it for a while,

Keep it safe next to your dreams,

Know that you can do anything,

You are imperfectly unique,

A work of art.

Sometimes hardships

Allow you to find,

The greatest beauty

Inside your mind,

Do not postpone happiness,

For it is worth living for,

One day at a time.



Wallis May Streete

Mother of three. Freelance writer. Poet. Lyricist. Dreamer. “We are lost souls trying to find the light, and when we do, we dance with shadows.”