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I remember the river of dreams,

Running through my veins,

Taking hold of my beating heart,

Killing the thorn of my pain.

Your eyes rescued me from the dark,

Setting the stage for undying love.

Time stood still,

Our souls became one,

You were my world, my all,

I remember…



When you cannot find me,

Or hear my voice,

When my eyes are closed,

And my heart is stone,

Look for me in your memories,

In the space created for love,

Where all is never lost,

And my soul is forever yours.

Look for me in the simple things,



In the shallow nest of your empty heart,

I breathe the deafening silence,

That tore us apart,

The erosion of truth laid bare,

Invading my thoughts with its mighty glare.

Time did not amend my sorrows,

Or invite my tears to dry upon the sun,

Our last goodbye we…



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It is because of your essence,

That I can see the light

Amongst the dark,

It is because of your trust,

That I can live without fear,

It is because of your smile,

That my days are content,

It is because of your heart,

That I can know love,




This Pain Never Sleeps

Photograph by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

This pain never sleeps,

It commands my thoughts,

And betrays the best of me,

Changing my moods,

And willowing in silence,

Like a frail, defeated battle,

Hallowing in the emptiness,

Lost and afraid.

The curtain of life is drawn,

The sun is not smiling at dawn,



Forgotten World

Photograph by Jan de Kejzer on Unsplash

There is a story

That has never been told,

An intelectual affair,

Set in the minds

Of the old,

It tells of the time,

When everything was real,

And love belonged to the soul,

A hierarchy of compassion

Moved the world,

And we were one,

Dancing with nature,



Photo by Srinivasan Venkataraman on Unsplash

Behold the velvet blanket of time,

The paraphrase of infinite life,

I see the shape, the silhouette,

Dancing and turning

Towards an inner plight,

The battle implores us to become,

To know oneself amongst the storm,

Up in arms, we roam endlessly,

Towards the sacred valley

Of our failing dreams.



Wallis May Streete

Wallis May Streete

Mother of three. Freelance writer. Poet. Lyricist. “We are lost souls trying to find the light, and when we do, we dance with shadows.”