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I remember the river of dreams,

Running through my veins,

Taking hold of my beating heart,

Killing the thorn of my pain.

Your eyes rescued me from the dark,

Setting the stage for undying love.

Time stood still,

Our souls became one,

You were my world, my all,

I remember the delicate voice,

That whispered truths beyond time,

Your words caressed my sombre sky,

And allowed the stars to shine.

Nothing stood between us,

Our passions dressed each day,

I will never forget the essence of you,

My reason for living, my muse.



When you cannot find me,

Or hear my voice,

When my eyes are closed,

And my heart is stone,

Look for me in your memories,

In the space created for love,

Where all is never lost,

And my soul is forever yours.

Look for me in the simple things,

Where beauty never fades,

The ocean breeze,

The passing of night into day,

At the dawn of time, infinitely woven,

Under the midnight sun,

Where our spirits never die.

Look for me beyond the gates,

Of all that we are, and will ever be,

A magical array of dreams,

Interlaced with destiny.



In the shallow nest of your empty heart,

I breathe the deafening silence,

That tore us apart,

The erosion of truth laid bare,

Invading my thoughts with its mighty glare.

Time did not amend my sorrows,

Or invite my tears to dry upon the sun,

Our last goodbye we sculpted in pain,

Love had died and turned to dust,

And nothing was ever the same.



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A song whose notes I wrote,

Falls deeply into the shadows

And admits the faults are my own,

Confused and powerless,

It anxiously plays in the wrong tone,

The harmonies in battle portray the unknown,

While the rythym strikes fiercely before dawn.

The tired signature of love prevails,

Wanting more than the power of words,

The music behaves still and quiet,

Playing on broken strings,

Engaging my heart

With the finality of everything.

Who am I to question the sound of beauty?

The vague calamity of unrequited love,

I am a voyager who dreams of peace,

A place where unresolved ballads,

Come to rest from delusive symphonies.



Beautiful Betrayal

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The fire in your eyes has ceased to burn,

Inviting the rain to dampen its worth,

Slowly it fades with a restless force,

Diminishing every desire

Inside my heart.

Every reason has abandoned hope,

And the distant memories forget,

All that once was,

The pain bares resemblance

To my soul,

Amongst your darkness, I walk alone.

Where do your words go to die?

Do they live forever inside your mind,

Alluding to a warped paradise,

That fails to see all that is kind,

Gently weeping our last goodbye.

Your intentions hold the power of lies,

And paint a canvas under a dreary sky,

The sullen grey wraps around me

Without comfort,

Inviting loneliness to pursue my world.



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I hear the solemn voices of my arduous past,

Whispering in the vengeful night,

As my soul departs,

Amongst the mournful candlelight.

My tragic heart surrenders,

To the feeble notion of a tainted life,

I breathe in pain as I gently close my eyes,

While gathering truths

Beneath the dying light.

Do not cry for me,

For the skies will still shine,

And the stars forsake my name,

Do not weep your precious tears,

For the time has now come,

To rest my tired bones,

And live a different me,

Away from whom I once was.



The Soft Melody Of My Aching Heart

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Deep in the realms of my heart,

There is a melody

That plays to the void,

Whispering truths

To the harmonies of life,


In the stillness of the night,

Surrounding my thoughts

With a narrative so real,

The notes come alive,

Like a willowing storm,

Filled with passion and drive.

The rhythm takes hold,

Like fire in the sky,

And caresses my pain

Without judgement,

Gently weeping,

Slowly healing,

One last time.



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There is a place,

Stranded by the sea of your thoughts,

A never-ending wave,

That halts your dreams

With extraordinary force.

There is a place

Where you need to go,

Away from fear,

So the mind can rest,

And the heart declares,

Who you must become,

To love yourself enough

And know,

That you deserve love.

There is a place,

Not far from here,

Where all the pain

Is overcome,

And your limitless sky,

Can bring out the sun.



Wallis May Streete

Wallis May Streete

Mother of three. Freelance writer. Poet. Lyricist. “We are lost souls trying to find the light, and when we do, we dance with shadows.”