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I remember the river of dreams,

Running through my veins,

Taking hold of my beating heart,

Killing the thorn of my pain.

Your eyes rescued me from the dark,

Setting the stage for undying love.

Time stood still,

Our souls became one,

You were my world, my all,

I remember the delicate voice,

That whispered truths beyond time,

Your words caressed my sombre sky,

And allowed the stars to shine.

Nothing stood between us,

Our passions dressed each day,

I will never forget the essence of you,

My reason for living, my muse.



When you cannot find me,

Or hear my voice,

When my eyes are closed,

And my heart is stone,

Look for me in your memories,

In the space created for love,

Where all is never lost,

And my soul is forever yours.

Look for me in the simple things,

Where beauty never fades,

The ocean breeze,

The passing of night into day,

At the dawn of time, infinitely woven,

Under the midnight sun,

Where our spirits never die.

Look for me beyond the gates,

Of all that we are, and will ever be,

A magical array of dreams,

Interlaced with destiny.



In the shallow nest of your empty heart,

I breathe the deafening silence,

That tore us apart,

The erosion of truth laid bare,

Invading my thoughts with its mighty glare.

Time did not amend my sorrows,

Or invite my tears to dry upon the sun,

Our last goodbye we sculpted in pain,

Love had died and turned to dust,

And nothing was ever the same.



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If there is a heaven,

I do not know,

My mind does not allow

For doubt to settle,

And nest in the fearful tides,

Throughout the reigns of time.

I am a man, woman and child,

Known to the world,

Like a fragile stone,

That walks along this feeble life,

And summons vulnerability

With a tenacious heart.

I do not belong to heaven or hell,

My soul is mine to own,

Werther it

Trembles like a river song,

Or captures the light

Of invisible hope.

My wandering spirit,

Even though it has been torn,

And left to die,

It does know how to love,

Exceeding the limitations

Of one's mind.

Beyond the simple realms

Of this tainted reality,

I close my eyes and dream,

Wishing that love is all

That ever was,

Living in eternity.



Your Heart In Mine

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If I were to live a life,

With your heart in mine,

Fear would not exist,

Doubt would cease to be,

My pain would know of joy,

And the absence of love,

It could never be present.

If I were to know love,

With your heart in mine,

My world would

Comfort your soul,

Until the end of time,

I would dress each day

With the happiness you deserve,

And bathe in beauty,

Every corner of this earth.

If I were to breathe,

With your heart in mine,

The winds would turn calm,

And soothe my troubled mind,

I wouldn't waste a day,

If I had you in my arms,

Like never before,

I would renounce myself to you,

For there is no reason

Nor meaning,

Without your presence,

You are my only light.



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The sun has cast aside,

My little window by the bay,

It has ignored my gentle pleas,

Reminding it to stay,

Why does the sun not shine for me?

My moments were empty and confined,

Are they destined for the darkest of days?

Slowly weeping one last time,

As the light forgets my name,

I walk alone,

While my fragile state

Invites the tears,

And the sun passes by like I'm not there.

Will it remember me?

Does it care

About who I am and how I feel?

Does nature destroy the spirit,

Or invite to live?

My heart yearns to know,

But my soul is used to pain.

The sun does not shine through my window,

As I lay, I surrender,

For there is nothing more to do,

Nothing left to say.



Wallis May Streete

Wallis May Streete

Mother of three. Freelance writer. Poet. Lyricist. “We are lost souls trying to find the light, and when we do, we dance with shadows.”