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I remember the river of dreams,

Running through my veins,

Taking hold of my beating heart,

Killing the thorn of my pain.

Your eyes rescued me from the dark,

Setting the stage for undying love.

Time stood still,

Our souls became one,

You were my world, my all,

I remember…



When you cannot find me,

Or hear my voice,

When my eyes are closed,

And my heart is stone,

Look for me in your memories,

In the space created for love,

Where all is never lost,

And my soul is forever yours.

Look for me in the simple things,



In the shallow nest of your empty heart,

I breathe the deafening silence,

That tore us apart,

The erosion of truth laid bare,

Invading my thoughts with its mighty glare.

Time did not amend my sorrows,

Or invite my tears to dry upon the sun,

Our last goodbye we…



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It is, without a doubt,

That my heart cries for you;

It mourns the days and months

When you are far from me.

This grief of absence

Invades my soul

Like a phantom arrow,

Inflicting pain,

And drowning my thoughts in regret.

My world lives in your memories;

Life cannot…



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Show me how it is to love,

When trust lives and breathes,

Beyond games of the mind,

Could you portray,

The parallels of life and soul?

And still, feel the human warmth.

Can love be a true reflection of self,

Or is it just an escapade

Of irrational hopes and…



The Incessant Truth

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I have nested in the waves of pain,

Where lost souls come to rest,

To lay their bones without judgement,

Release their tears, destitute of fear.

The winds are tranquil here,

And the air is pure,

I can see the falling stars above,

Trying to rescue what's…



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I see my world in your smile,

A home without boundaries,

An honest voice that I can hear,

You are everything

That I hold dear,

A light without end,

Exempt from all fear.

Amongst the rubble and confusion,

I see beauty in all that you are,

You give me clarity…



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You are to me

What the sun is to the sky,

And the breeze is to the day,

You are infinite love,

Beyond every spoken word,

I cannot live without you,

Or breathe the joy of life,

If you are not here.

You are to me

The wonder of this…



Wallis May Streete

Wallis May Streete


Mother of three. Freelance writer. Poet. Lyricist. “We are lost souls trying to find the light, and when we do, we dance with shadows.”